Friday Favorites: Day Designer Planner

I’ll be honest…

I used to be one of those people that would jot things down on napkins, envelopes, random strips of notebook paper – just anything that was convenient at the time. I knew that if I did not write it down, it would not get done. The problem with that strategy though was that by the time I went back to do the task, I had forgotten where I wrote it down! When technology started to become more prevalent, I would use the “Notes” section of my smartphone to keep a list of “to-dos.” This strategy worked for a while until all of the notes became jumbled, and then I would get overwhelmed and stop looking at the app.

Can you relate?


I have a super Type A personality, so I love to cross things off a list (hence all of the papers mentioned above!). That is why when I found the Day Designer planner, I immediately fell in love. It is simple to use, but complex enough to keep everything in my busy life organized. Running a fitness business and finance business while working a full time accounting job – as well as spending time with my husband and family and juggling housework – can get overwhelming at times, so I needed something to keep all of my many lists and tasks together. The Day Designer planner has time slots to account for each hour of the day, as well as a “to-do” list for each day. It has plenty of room for additional notes, and you can also view each month as a whole along with each day individually.  In addition, It has a rather large section to utilize for goal setting, which has been extremely beneficial to me so that the list is always in front of me and updated on a regular basis.

If you’d like to try it out before investing, Day Designer provides wonderful printables for free! To grab yours, just click HERE!


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