Three Important Mindset Shifts for Spiritual Growth

SHOW NOTES: Episode 2

Mindset is so important.

It shapes who we are and what we believe to be true. Mindset is important for every area of your life – spiritual life included. Your mindset can either help you grow in faith or keep you stuck in old thought patterns.

I believe there are 3 important mindset shifts for spiritual growth.

1. See everything as for my good and His glory.

This is huge. When you choose to see things as happening to help you instead of harm you, that is where true faith begins. You can align yourself with God’s truth for you and who He called you to be when you make this mindset shift.

2. Look at your past with gratitude and grace.

Give yourself grace. No matter what your past looks like, give yourself grace. Everything in your life has brought you here for this moment and the life you are living now. Your past shaped you into the person you are. You’re still here because you have work left to do and God is here to help guide you through it. You can’t change the past but you don’t have to stay stuck there.

3. Focus within.

All of the answers you are searching for are inside of your already. God gave your vision AND the ability to follow through with it. The Holy Spirit dwells within you.

I cannot wait to see where your walk with God will go when you use these three mindset shifts. When you reframe your way of thinking, you are able to move forward in your spiritual health.

Thank you for tuning in! I hope this episode helped you. I’d love to chat more about it on Instagram (@rachelmeigsking)!


  • The three mindset shifts that can help you grow in your spiritual health



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