“People-Pleasing” Eating with Amanda Kaldor

SHOW NOTES: Episode 3

Have you ever felt like you had to eat something to please others?

Maybe you were at a barbecue or a church event and you feel like you were obligated to eat to make others happy.

Did “people-pleasing” eating become part of your identity? 

Today’s guest, Amanda Kaldor and I chat more about that. Amanda is a Christian weight loss and life coach who left her job as an RN to be of greater impact in supporting women in caring for their temples, mind, body, and soul. Amanda coaches women to reclaim their self-control around food so they live life to the fullest with confidence and joy. She and I serve clients in similar ways and we are both here to help and serve.

Amanda and I chat more about people-pleasing eating and what that can look like. A big thing that she coaches her clients on when they feel compelled to eat to people please, is to plan their food. Plan ahead of time what you are going to eat at a function that you go to.

Amanda and I chat about how to deal with setting those boundaries and not feeling like we are coming across as rude when we don’t eat just to please others. Amanda shares the importance of being aware of it first and foremost. You have control over say no or yes to food. You get to choose that but you don’t get to choose how the other person is going to think. You can decline food and tell others thank them for thinking of you. You have that control.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own body. What kind of responsibility do you have towards your temple? Do you want to be responding according to somebody else or do you want to be responding according to how your body is signaling you?

God created you to take care of your temple and listen to yourself. Embrace that. Don’t let the emotions of others change the responsibility that you have to take care of yourself. What matters is that you are in alignment with what God has called you to do. He’s the one you need to please ultimately.

When you feel in a position where you are eating out of “people-pleasing” tendencies, ask yourself why…and remember that you can say no with love and grace.

Thank you for tuning in! I hope this episode helped you. I’d love to chat more about it on Instagram (@rachelmeigsking)!


  • “People-Pleasing” eating
  • What to do when you find yourself in this situation
  • How we are ultimately responsible for our bodies



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