Your Future Self is Depending on You

SHOW NOTES: Episode 34

Did you know that 80 PERCENT of people walk around living in fear, making reactive decisions that are keeping them stuck? Instead of forward projecting about what they really want their future to look like, they are driven by fear and avoidance. This can pertain to anything – starting a business, continuing to work a job you hate, letting other people dictate your time so you never have time to invest in your health, living in people-pleasing and growing resentment…the list goes on and on…

In this episode, I dive into the truth that your future self is depending on your current self. Literally every decision you make has an impact on your future self in some form or fashion. The food you choose to eat. The amount of sleep you get. The way you spend your time. The media you consume. It all has an impact. 

“No matter what you do, there will be bystanders outside the arena who criticize. They will doubt you. But staying outside the arena means you’re overthinking, caught in paralysis by analysis. You’re letting fear win.” – Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Will you step out in faith today? Your future self is counting on you. 

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Letting go of living in fear
  • Letting your future drive your decisions
  • Your future self is counting on your current self



Feed Yourself: Healthy Habits for the Mind, Body, & Soul is all about learning the key components of overall health based on Biblical principles. When most people think about getting in shape and becoming “healthy”, they immediately think about their physical health: losing weight, making exercise a priority, possessing flexibility and endurance, and remaining disease free. But Scripture makes it clear that physical wellness is not the only area that impacts health. In order to be TRULY healthy, we have to focus on four areas: spiritual health, emotional health, mental health, and physical health. 

This podcast dives deep into the tools and head knowledge you will need in order to create lasting results, but it also looks at the element that truly ties it all together – the heart knowledge that incorporates faith in God in this area of our lives and how to apply it when things get tough (and they will!).

I wanted to create a space to let you know you are never alone on this journey. Through years of experience in doing everything the WRONG way, I am here to share my journey of getting healthy from the inside out – ditching the restriction and diet culture and truly learning to treat my body as the temple God intended it to be. 

Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I discuss healthy habits to incorporate in your daily life to propel you forward and FEED YOURSELF on your journey to health in all areas: mind, body, and soul!