Weight Loss

The BEST “Diet” to Follow

Hear me on this… when you start any kind of diet, you don’t need to be extreme on day one. 

Too many times, we, as women, go all in on changing our eating habits when we really don’t need to to get started. 

Before you jump into any new nutrition plan, I always tell my clients to fix your vitamin deficiency first before you try anything else. Without adequate vitamin intake, your body will not function optimally.

After that, start small. Up your protein. Get in healthy fats. Drink enough water. Your body will be working better in no time. It really is that simple!

My suggestion would be to pick the biggest limiting factor and start there! If you’re not getting enough water, start there. Add an extra glass to your meals. 

Pick one habit to focus on at a time and as you feel capable, add another one. 

Picking a nutritional goal or plan can depend a lot on factors like budget, dietary restrictions, and preferences. Find the approach that works for you! Our bodies are extremely adaptable and so stinkin’ smart! 

So which diet is best for you? 

By keeping your changes small and smart, you can tailor a diet to fit your goals and your age. Key in on those lifestyle changes where you are consistently creating habits toward your goals. Add in more protein and more whole foods and you’re on your way to hitting the goals you want in the way that is best for your body.

If you’ve tried and tried and know you need accountability in reaching your nutritional goals, let’s chat! I’d love to see if we’d be a good fit for working together. You can schedule a call with me here.