Why Meal Plans Don’t Work

SHOW NOTES: Episode 19

I hear it all of the time, “Can you just write me a meal plan?”

It makes sense but I’m going to explain to you on this episode why meal plans actually don’t work and why I don’t write meal plans for you when we start working together. 

1. Changing your habits can take time. 

Remember your eating habits have been formed over several years so changing those habits will take some time. Meals don’t work because there are way too many habit changes happening all at once. As I tell my clients, baby step your way to greatness. Don’t set yourself up for failure by completely changing everything in one day. Make small changes as you go. 

2. Meal plans don’t allow for special circumstances or substitutions.

Meal plans teach you to eat one way and to follow that way perfectly. Imagine you had a vacation planned or a work trip planned…it would actually cause you stress to not be able to eat exactly as you had planned on that trip which could cause you to feeling like you failed. 

Meal plans also don’t teach you that there are hundreds of substitutions for certain foods. What if you get tired of eating the same thing every day? What if that food isn’t in season or isn’t available but it’s on your meal plan? You may feel like giving up. Working with a coach who teaches you nutrition will help you to actually enjoy eating and you won’t feel like you are held captive by a piece of paper that tells you exactly what to do. If you follow that piece of paper, you will never learn to make choices about the food you are eating and actually listen to what you body is telling you.

3. Meal plans are NOT budget friendly.

If your meal plan called for a salad one night but not the rest of the week, your produce will go bad before you can eat it again. That is money wasted. I teach my clients how to use the same ingredients in different ways so there is little to no waste.

Don’t fall into a vicious cycle of meal planning. You know what I’m talking about. You go off of your plan one night and then end up ordering pizza and say you’ll start again another day. You feel frustrated and want to give up.

So what can you do instead?

When you hire me as your coach, I work with you to create a plan that works best for you. It’s customizable and it can be changed as we go. You will have the knowledge you need to make food decisions on your own after working with me. You no longer have to have someone tell you what you can and can’t eat. You know what works for you and your body and how to feed yourself.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, go to www.rachelking.org/coaching and watch my program video and fill out the application to work with me. We’ll then have a conversation to see if we are a good fit and I’ll explain to you how I can help.

Remember above all else, reach out to God first and foremost and He will give you the tools and armor that you need to overcome anything and come out successful on the other side – even with food and weight loss!

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  • 3 reasons meal plans don’t work
  • What works instead
  • How we can work together to help you feel confident in the food decisions you are making


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