Carbs are NOT Evil

SHOW NOTES: Episode 12

Welcome back to another episode of the Feed Yourself Podcast! On today’s episode we are diving into Carbs! We are chatting about the misconceptions that people have around them and how they are truly not evil.

Our bodies need carbohydrates. It would be a disservice to your body to cut them out completely. I want to shift your focus to the right carbs instead. Focusing on the right kinds of carbs will play an important role in providing energy you need to maximize fat loss and muscle gain.

So, why do we need carbs?

  • We need glucose to live. Carbs are your body’s preferred source of glucose. Our tissues, brain, and blood cells can’t make their own glucose so we have to make sure we’re getting enough of it.
  • Our brain is the largest consumer of glucose. When you suffer from brain fog, it’s a good chance that you are low on carbs.
  • Without carbs, we can’t consume an adequate amount of fiber which provides so many health benefits.
  • Carbs are our fuel for overall health goals. They are the preferred source of energy.
  • When we use the right kinds of carbs in our diet, they play a vital role in weight management and building muscle. 

Not all carbohydrates are not created equal.

There are two types – simple carbs and complex carbs. We want to focus n the complex carbs. They take more time for your body to break down.  These are found in starches and grans, rice, pasta, brad, and some starchy vegetables, potatoes, corn, peas, and other plant based foods like beans, nuts, and seeds. 

Complex cars are vital to long term health. They make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and can even help prevent type 2 diabetes and heart issues.

So what happens when we cut out carbs?

We are cutting out many micronutrients that are vital for overall health. If you need any additional help understanding carbs and macronutrients, I did free webinar titled – macros made easy.

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  • Why the right kind of carbs are good for you
  • Carbs are not evil
  • What happens when we cut carbs


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This podcast dives deep into the tools and head knowledge you will need in order to create lasting results, but it also looks at the element that truly ties it all together – the heart knowledge that incorporates faith in God in this area of our lives and how to apply it when things get tough (and they will!).

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