Why I Share My Values, but Keep My Opinions to Myself

Why I Share My Values, but Keep My Opinions to Myself

Having a presence on social media is hard sometimes. When you have an online business, social media is just a part of life. You share your dreams, you share your struggles, you share your ups and you share your downs. You have to really put yourself out there, as scary as that may be. Think about the people you like to follow on Facebook and Instagram…you enjoy seeing their day-to-day lives, right? You feel like you can relate to them.

I have no reservations about sharing my values with my followers. If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I am a firm believer in God and that my business is very faith based. You know that family is very important to me and comes only second to my relationship with Christ. You also know a few common things about me: I am a coffee addict, a peanut butter lover, a fitness and nutrition fanatic (in fact, I am a certified nutrition coach), a lover of all things fashion and style related, and that I have a heart to serve other ladies through my Fashionably Fit Community.

What you won’t see me share is negative thoughts and opinions about others. I know that in our society today, people seem to have an opinion about everything – especially since almost everyone puts a highlight reel on social media. As an online business owner, I get so discouraged when I hear someone tearing others down. It seems that some people have nothing better to do than knock someone else’s lifestyle – the house they live in, the car they drive, the furniture they buy, the clothes they wear,  the way they choose to spend their free time, the way they clean their house, the direct sales company they decide to join, the business they choose to open, and on and on.

In the grand scheme of things…does it really matter to YOU how someone else chooses to live their life? How they decide to spend their money? What activities their children participate in? What diet they decide to follow? If they decide to start a business to earn extra income for their family, does that affect your life? NO. If that money is helping them better themselves, do you need to concern yourself with the time they are investing in it? NO. Why? Because what you see on social media is just a little preview. You do not have the entire story, and you do not know what all has taken place behind the scenes. Why can’t we just be happy for each other and their successes, or rejoice in their blessings?  

In today’s fast paced, open book society, it is so easy to pass judgement on others. Just remember dear friend, that not everyone will understand your story and not everyone will cheer you on – and that’s ok. It is ultimately up to you and your Heavenly Father to decide the path for your life and what roads to take. When you get discouraged, take it to Lord. Do not stoop down to the level of the enemy. Do not pass judgement and spread negative opinions. Hold your head high and remember the purpose that God has instilled in your heart. Because THAT is what truly matters!





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