Friday Favorites: Sunless Tanner

I would like to preface today’s edition of Friday Favorites by saying that I have always hated self-tanner. Putting it on is such a chore: making sure you are putting it on evenly so it doesn’t streak and trying to apply on areas that are hard to reach, all while trying to hurry so you can wash your hands before it leaves an orange stain. Then afterwards, you have to stand around awkwardly for an hour waiting for it to dry before you can get dressed so that all of your hard work will not be in vain. Who has that much time? Or patience?? Especially when you usually end up with streaks anyway, looking like an orange zebra…


Needless to say, after my previous experiences, I was absolutely against using self-tanner.


However, after a scary visit to the dermatologist back in May where I was diagnosed with Dysplastic Nevi, which is noncancerous, but people who have them are at an increased risk of developing melanoma later on in life. So as much as I love to sunbathe in the summer, I have to give it up. SeneGence released a new Self-Tanning Coconut Bronzing Milk several months back, and while I had been hesitant to try it (because of my previous self-tanning horror stories), I continued to hear wonderful things about it and decided to give it a try.



To my surprise, I absolutely fell in love with the product. It gives a nice, naturally bronze glow. It does not streak, and it does not leave an orange stain on your hands after application. It sprays on, so it is easy to get an even application. It also does not take long to try. After about 15 minutes, I can get dressed and go about my day. It also has a wonderful coconut smell that is just like “beach in a bottle.” This has quickly became one of my favorite SeneGence products by far!


*Personal Results*

If you’d like to purchase some for yourself, just click here!


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