Guest Blog: Niki Geoghagan

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to highlight one of my dearest friends, Niki. She has been a wonderful motivator, encourager, and supporter in my life for years now. Recently, she introduced me to one of her passions: essential oils. I have to say that although I was a skeptic at first,  it has been a game changer in my life! My immune system has improved, and I am sleeping better at night. Please read below as she shares her heart on this lifestyle and how you can try them out for yourself!


Guest Blog: Niki Geoghagan

Let me start out by introducing myself and a little about me. My name is Niki Geoghagan, and I am a PROUD child of God, a wife, a mommy, and a full time worker with a side of Lemon Dropper. I am married to the man of my dreams and we have two sons: an eight year old and an (almost) two year old. We also have a pug and a great dane. My house stays pretty chaotic! In case you are not familiar with Young Living Essential Oils, I want to share some information that I hope will help J

I began my oily journey almost four months ago to find a solution to my sleeping arrangement. At the time, my baby was sixteen months old, and he would never sleep through the night. EVER. No matter what I did or how hard I tried, nothing worked. He was a breastfed baby and would wake up two to five times per night just to “comfort feed” (you breastfeeding mamas know what I’m talking about!). It can get frustrating when you are running on little to no sleep. I was desperate and wanted a solution! I kept seeing my sister-in-law post about these essential oils and how amazing they were, so I thought “why not?” It’s worth a shot. I fell in love! John Luke (my baby) slept through the night the very first night I used them and has slept through the night ever since! Ordering these oils was by far the best investment I have made to date!


So what are essential oils? Essential Oils are complex fluids that circulate throughout living plants to maintain and sustain their life. They are equivalent to the blood that circulates throughout our bodies to maintain and sustain our lives. Essential oils are the life blood of the plant. That is why they are called, “essential.” They are also called essential because they represent “The Essence” of the plant.

Essential oils come from plants, and are almost all extracted by steam distillation, although a few, like the citrus oils, are cold pressed from the rinds.

Young Living guarantees the quality of their oils with the “Seed to Seal” promise. Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company to own their own farms, and co-farm with a few more. They have complete control over everything from the time the seed is planted, to harvested, to distilling/cold-pressing to being bottled. They are the only company you are allowed to visit any of the farms and see the entire process first hand. For more information, visit www.seedtoseal.com

Now that you know a little about essential oils, I also want to include the fact that they are not only 100% therapeutic and natural, but they do not expire! Young Living has 87 single oils, 85 blends, 5 pre-made roller oils along with tons of supplements like the legendary Ningxia Red, made with wolfberries!

Enough about that stuff…..

How can they help you and your family? Let me share how we use them! Like I mentioned before, my very first use of oils was a combination to provide John Luke with more sleep, but I have since branched out in a wide variety of oily usage. Seasonal stuffiness, muscle tension release, stress management, and a healthier lifestyle are just a few examples.  I get assistance with energy, immune support, and with focusing troubles. My eight year old has a hard time sitting still and focusing on his class work. These oils help him so much! I also make my own diaper rash cream and baby wipes for my youngest so that I know they do not contain any harsh chemicals!

There are so many essential oil companies out there, so how do you choose the correct one for you? Research is key! Young Living proved to me that they have nothing to hide. If I can go to their farms at any time and see the entire process and watch everything, then I know first-hand what I am getting and trust them even more! Young Living is a company that goes above and beyond for the quality of their products! If you would like more information regarding Young Living Essential Oils, I would be happy to help! Feel free to contact me using any of the methods below!






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