Satisfying Cravings – Once and For All

I am currently going through the book Made to Crave for a study I am going through with some of my clients, and it seems that something new is revealed to me each time I pick it up to read.IMG_9062

For me, food cravings have always been an issue. It did not matter if I was hungry or not: if I had a craving for something, I would eat it anyway. As the years went by and I began my fitness journey, I began to realize that I relied on food more than I relied on God. When something went wrong, I turned to food and emotional eating. When something went right, I turned to food to celebrate inste
ad of praising and thanking God for what He had done for me. It was hard to admit that I was “spiritually malnourished,” as the book describes. But I was indeed.

For you, food may not be your issue, but I do ask you to examine your heart. Is there anything in your life that you crave more than God? Is there something that you cannot seem to let go, even though you know that it is hindering or destroying you? Having cravings is not necessarily a bad thing. God wants us to crave more of Him. He desires to have that personal relationship with us. He is the only one that will ever be able to curb the cravings in our lives.

If you are having trouble letting go of that thing that has power over you, just remember that nothing will ever change in our lives until we decide to give our cravings over to the One who can satisfy them for eternity.


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